Public Adjuster Appraisal

We were trying to collect on a claim for water and smoke damage after water pipe breakage, flood, and a subsequent brief electrical fire at our home. We had done research on the Internet concerning insurance company performance after similar losses, and found that many companies don’t always treat you fair. On the Internet also were suggestions to hire a public adjuster to negotiate with the insurance companies. Fortunately, we took that advice, and decided to hire AmeriClaims to do the dirty work.

Valerie Clark

Fleetwood, NC

“I cannot image what would have happened without your help and guidance. From dealing with the insurance company with your vast knowledge, to giving advice on an excellent renovation company, you have been invaluable. You got us through lead and asbestos abatement, structural engineer, and all the other things that would have been a mystery to us if we had not had your expertise. We certainly would not have ended up with the amazing place that we have now without your ability to get every possible dime out of the insurance company. The change for the better in the duplex is just stunning, and we have ended up with a much better place than we started with.”

Courtney L. Layne


  • What happens if you and the insurance company simply cannot agree on your damages?
  • Maybe you have reached an impasse with them, and do not know where to turn. Are you frustrated by the amount of time that has passed since you filed your claim?
  • Has your insurance company offered a settlement that is simply not enough to repair the property?
  • Do they want to clean items instead of replacing them?
  • Maybe they have depreciated items heavily?
  • Are they continuing to request more documentation from you such as receipts, invoices or wanting three estimates?

All insurance policies have an appraisal clause that most people do not know about. This means that rather than accepting their final figures, you can demand appraisal, which is similar to arbitration or mediation.

There are several advantages to you when you demand appraisal:

  • It is less expensive than going to litigation.
  • It is a quicker process than litigation.
  • The insurance adjuster is removed from the process, so you now have a disinterested party on the other side.
  • You chose the appraiser to represent you going forward.

We have helped many people with insurance appraisals, and we have recovered substantially more money. Every claim is different and presents its own unique challenges. Rather than simply accepting what the insurance company has offered you, you should exercise your policy rights and demand appraisal.

If you are unhappy with the settlement your insurance company is offering you, or simply feel that your claim is not being handled in a timely fashion, please contact our offices and speak to one of our adjusters. They will review your claim and advise you if moving forward with appraisal is a good option for you.