Associations & Communities, Where do you begin?

Property management companies, condominium associations, and apartment communities begin with us.

Losing a family home can be traumatic. Losing multiple residences in a condo building or apartment complex can be catastrophic, with dozens of families homeless and millions of dollars in damage after a fire or other disaster.

AmeriClaims is an expert at overseeing these complex insurance claims for property management companies, condominium associations, and apartment communities. We will:

  • Review all pertinent documents, including insurance policies, bylaws and covenants
  • Make a detailed inventory and appraisal of your loss
  • Arrange for emergency repairs
  • Negotiate with your insurance company and handle all communications with them
  • Consult with all the unit owners’ insurance adjusters to ensure the proper policy responds to the claim

We’ll stay involved in your claim until the very end, when your families have moved back in, the repair work is complete, and you’ve received all payments from the insurance company. We’re also happy to review your policy now to confirm you have the right coverage to fully protect your properties.