We were trying to collect on a claim for water and smoke damage after water pipe breakage, flood, and a subsequent brief electrical fire at our home. We had done research on the Internet concerning insurance company performance after similar losses, and found that many companies don’t always treat you fair. On the Internet also were suggestions to hire a public adjuster to negotiate with the insurance companies. Fortunately, we took that advice, and decided to hire AmeriClaims to do the dirty work.

Valerie Clark

Fleetwood, NC

“Since I had never before used a public adjuster, I was skeptical of hiring your company. I will never be skeptical in the future. Your associate convinced me to give your company a chance to tell me what you would do for me. Boy, am I glad that I did!”

Randy Collins

Nashville Tornadoes

Has a tornado damaged your home or business?

The adjusters at AmeriClaims can help you recover from this disaster. If you have suffered damage to your home or business, we can help. We are public insurance adjusters who know what you are going through. We also know what it takes to get the settlement you deserve from your insurance company. We handle everything so you can focus on your family or your business, while we handle the details of your insurance claim.

In order to receive a fair settlement, you must prove to the insurance company what your claim is. This means documenting and accounting for living expenses, or business interruption, personal property, contents and inventory and stock, as well as building damages. You must compile your claim in the proper format, or the insurance company does not have to honor your claim.

This is where the public adjusters of AmeriClaims comes in. We have handled thousands of claims, and our adjusters have over 30 years of claim experience. We are committed to ensuring you receive the settlement that you are entitled to.

Please call or email our office to receive a free claim analysis. Do not wait. Every day that passes can and will affect your insurance settlement. One of our licensed adjusters will be happy to review your situation and let you know how we can assist you during this difficult time.

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