Natural Disaster Recovery

Things to do after a storm or hurricane damages your home

In the aftermath of a natural disaster or severe storm, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to put the pieces of your life back together. AmeriClaims is ready to handle all your post-storm insurance claims with decades of experience and expertise at your service.

When your home sustains damage from any type of storm or hurricane, there are some essentials that every homeowner needs to know. And if your home was impacted by Hurricane Florence, or any other storm, here is a look at what you should know and do.

  • Emergency Repairs – If there is a hole in your roof, then it is important to do what you can to keep your home from sustaining more damage. That could be something as simple as covering it with a tarp. The same goes with broken windows as they need to be boarded up. Mitigating damage after a storm can help with a claim because the insurance company cannot attribute damage to what may have occurred after an actual storm.
  • Report your claim – Once the damage is done, do not wait around to report your insurance claim. There is a proper protocol to follow and lagging behind could cause you to receive less compensation than you deserve. Insurance companies will try to question claims if there is any kind of delay, so it pays to report right away. AmeriClaims always has associates standing by to help you through this process as we can advise you on the appropriate action to take.
  • Don’t throw things away – The initial thought after a storm is to start throwing away damaged items. However, there is a set protocol for clearing disaster areas caused by water damage, fire, and even mold. AmeriClaims can make sure you practice the appropriate cleanup measures to ensure you get the most for your claim.
  • Relocate to a safe place – An insurance claim is not going to be settled overnight. Once damage to your home has been done, it is important to stay in a safe location. Any injuries that occur while you are staying in a damaged home will not be covered under your claim. They could also be very hazardous to your health.

It is also important to assess your damage and determine whether it is flood or wind related. Insurance coverage is different for each of those and it’s important to make sure you are fully covered in the event of a disaster.

Sorting out all these intricacies of what to do after storm damage is not easy for homeowners and that is why it is important to call a public adjuster you can trust. AmeriClaims handles storm and hurricane claims in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.