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We were trying to collect on a claim for water and smoke damage after water pipe breakage, flood, and a subsequent brief electrical fire at our home. We had done research on the Internet concerning insurance company performance after similar losses, and found that many companies don’t always treat you fair. On the Internet also were suggestions to hire a public adjuster to negotiate with the insurance companies. Fortunately, we took that advice, and decided to hire AmeriClaims to do the dirty work.

Valerie Clark

Fleetwood, NC

“Since I had never before used a public adjuster, I was skeptical of hiring your company. I will never be skeptical in the future. Your associate convinced me to give your company a chance to tell me what you would do for me. Boy, am I glad that I did!”

Randy Collins

Public Adjuster Florida

Insurance Claims Adjuster Services in Florida

Florida homeowners can turn to a team of professionals for assistance after a disaster. AmeriClaims houses a staff of experienced Florida public adjusters who will help you through the claims process following a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood or any other kind of disaster.

Most times people are unaware that they are entitled to a much higher payout. This is where an AmeriClaims Florida public adjuster can help. We go over every part of your claim and fight to get what you rightfully deserve

Higher Settlements in Florida With AmeriClaims

The AmeriClaims Florida public adjusters routinely get their clients much higher settlements than what was first offered by insurance companies. Final settlements have ranged from 40% to 700% more for AmeriClaims clients. We pride ourselves on our sterling reputation as the best public adjuster Florida has to offer.

AmeriClaims immediately creates a plan of action for all of our clients. That could include finding a temporary place to live or getting a cash advance so families and businesses can get by in the wake of a disaster. When we say we are there for our clients, we truly mean it.

Experienced In Filing Claims Correctly and Successfully

Filing your claim properly is a must and AmeriClaims is experienced on how that process works in the state of Florida. There are also occasions which demand an appraisal. Knowing how to handle each situation comes with experience as no two claims are the exact same.

Common Causes of Property Damage

There are lots of causes of property damage, which call for the need to hire the top public adjuster Florida has to offer. There are many circumstances that could prove to be a tremendous inconvenience and even force homeowners to find temporary residence. However, Americlams can get you such an ordeal and handle all property damage claims caused by the following:

• Fire Damage
• Floods
• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• Theft and Vandalism
• Smoke Damage
• Hail Damage
• Leaking Roof

Other Causes of Property Damage

Not every kind of property damage is a common occurrence, but there are many causes which require a Florida public adjuster to help with your claim. While all of the causes may not be as common, you are still entitled to the same kind of service from a Florida public adjuster. These types of claims could also be subject to even more dispute by insurance companies, but there is no reason you cannot get the kind of settlement you deserve. Here are some other causes of property damage that Americlaims can handle for you:

• Ice damming on roof
• Frozen pipes
• Water stains on ceiling
• Hail damage
• Auto crash into a residence
• Collapse of a structure
• Falling tree
• Water Overflows

At AmeriClaims, we believe that you should not have to suffer after any kind of disaster. It is tough enough to deal with the aftermath of a disaster and then have to deal with the insurance company. Having AmeriClaims on your side levels the playing field with the insurance company and swings things back in your favor.

If Mother Nature has caused damage to your home or business in FL, don’t waste any time without the assistance of a public adjuster. AmeriClaims has what it takes to get the settlement you deserve. Call us today at 866-310-0195 for a free claim consultation and put a qualified Florida public adjuster to work for you today.

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